Success starts with a great education and we must prepare youth to succeed.  Our education system as we know it is at a crossroad.  We are doing our children an extreme disservice by allowing our system to fall further and further behind the needs of the global marketplace.

Teachers and local educators should be able to teach without interference from the federal government.   Teachers deserve freedom to be able to best impact and shape the lives of students.

Student loan debt is an ever-growing problem.  During the Obama administration student loan debt has increased to $1.2 trillion.  I adamantly oppose President Obama’s efforts to tax college savings plans.  Families should be able to save for their children’s college education without fear of losing their money to Obama’s tax and spend policies. Additionally, we need more diverse technical programs that allow youth to obtain certificates and degrees that meet the demands of the private sector.   Far too many college graduates have mountains of debt for degrees that do not allow them to get a job in today’s marketplace.